Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No news on the job front. One job mails you a 'we don't want you letter' I haven't got that letter but I also haven't gotten a call back. I want a job, please! On the horsie front Laura's new horse, now named Panzer, is here. See pic.
As is Lydia's horse Ivy for me to ride. Ivy is deciding she is a little too bonded to Pan to chill in the cross ties. Need to bring some other horses home. The plan is to go pick up a pony on lease tomorrow for Darien. He's pretty excited and wants to take the day off school to go pick her up. I am, as of yet, undecided. The girls are also supposed to be leaving for a date with FE Coppertop tomorrow as part of an all day drive all over Ontario with a horse trailer road trip. On the dog front all is pretty good. My five are all getting along just fine, touch wood. Though we are having some real issues keeping them in the fence. Seren is pretty funny, when she gets out she runs to the main door and digs like a maniac to come in. All that freedom and all she wants is back in the house. My weight has plateaued for the last while. Trying to go sweetener free for a few days and see if it helps. I can't decide if I want it to fix the problem or not...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Had another job interview today. And another email about puppies. Life is good. I know we have a lot of bills to pay down but its hard not to go look at things and go 'oohhh shiny' and dream. Sigh. We will get there and half the fun is dreaming anyway.. Need to make a new website for the JRT stuff. Don't think I will go with dreamweaver this time. That program just annoys the crap out of me. Good news, the company that had been holding 'my' domain dropped it. Never use I used them for years without issue. Then after charging the credit card they never renewed my domain and a holding company picked it up. I emailed them about it and they denied that they got paid. I emailed them a copy of the cc statement that showed that they had been paid before it had elapsed and I never heard back from them. Never got my money back either.\! I guess I will have to poke around and see who is cheap for domains.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Right I have a blog! And isn't that a happy dog? A few blogs actually. There needs to be a blog starters anonymous therapy group. But I think this one is a good one to blather on in. So a few things are new. Still workin on that thesis. Got a good chunk of wolf hound puppy tissue yesterday to use as controls! YAY. Have three new primer sets. Double YAY. Losing weight and getting horsie again. Plan to breed a mare or two next month. Looking for a job, have a couple of job interviews. Promise to keep updating.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 21

I guess this breeder is now just going to ignore me. Even after I forwarded our previous conversation. A simple "we changed our mind" would have been nice. I was kind of counting on them to make up for the breeders I missed with the phone debacle. I am really glad I got a far more diverse sample pop than I had been expecting.

We grabbed Gavin again and brought him back to our campground. He and Darien played in the pool for hours. Misha (I hope I spelt that right) or 'Moth' from Chaz drove 3 hours, so 6 hours total!, down from Wisconsin to visit. Way to make us feel special :) She has THE most gorgeous basenji ever. Watson is so stunning, once again there are pics, you will all have to wait. We had a lovely visit whilst the kids splashed. Watson seemed horrified that people were chosing to go in the nasty water. Basenji's have very experessive faces.

Laura and I made poutine for the Smiths for dinner, we decided after last night's very American chili dogs we could share some of our national cuisine. We even managed to find curds, though they weren't quite right. The poutine ended up tasting pretty authentic and was met by approval.

Laura had a collar made for Smudge that says Cpt. Oblivious in a military style. Its fantabulous! I had a coupler made of the right length for my guys. Both of us are very excited.

Saying good bye is so hard. Darien kept hiding so he could stay with Gavin. Gavin kept sayign he could keep him it would be no trouble, no trouble at all..... All of us will miss their family very much (including the dogs) and were discussing ways and hows of coming back. (they would love to come visit us, but their dogs are not allowed in Ontario, and they have no one they trust to leave them with)

Sad and tired we return to the cabin. Tomorrow we head to Ohio. Not only are we sad to say good bye, we are sad our trip is almost over. We have met so many fantastic people and had such a great time we wish this could go on for the rest of the summer.

day 20

Still no word from the last breeder...

The KOA people feel so bad about our neighbours they offer us one of the Kamping Kabins. Its tiny and cute (pics will be forth coming at some time) and has AC!!

Becca has a ton of orders to fill. I am surprised, though not sure why, just how many orders they get!! Their collars are awesome, so I shouldn't surprised. So we take Gavin with us to the local swim park. IL is strange; they have bodies of water but no one swims in them so they have oodles of swim parks. This one is small, a couple of pools, 3 water slides and a lazy river. But the cost of going to Splash valley is about 9 dollars a person, so it was very worth it. The dogs stayed at Becca's in the AC. I got quite the sun burn but it was worth it.

visited again for the evening. Becca watched Off Season (one of Dekka's movies) and liked it. Ben had a tick crawling on him, again it was the Canadians identifying the nasty insect lol. It was lovely to go back to a little cabin with ac to sleep.

day 19

We chill in Kankakee. The only attraction is Ben and Becca. Can't say we are enamoured of IL. We hang out all day at their house, we are introduced to their super secret collar lair :) Initation was HORRIBLE, but we can't tell (or else...)

Darien and Gavin are so similar its funny, they get along very well with bits of fight. After the fight a few min later they are thick as thieves again. Both are experts on everything, just ask them. Or don't they will still tell you, lol.

Emailed the breeder again, seems they forgot they were all enthusiastic to participate and forgot what this was about. We booked into a local KOA, our first of this trip. Its small and not exciting but the people are really nice. Laura and I go and set up the camp site leaving Darien with Gavin. We go back and have a lovely dinner with their family. Seems Aden is all interested in the "Canadians" having dinner with them again.

We get back to the KOA at about midnight and our neighbours are partying it up. Their dog is off leash and is under our trailer. Scared the crap out of Kat and freaked out Dekka and Smudge. They are burning what seems like pressure treated 4 x 4 posts and the smell is horrible. They partied it up till after 2am. :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 18

We get up, due to the time change Laura tells me its almost 8 when its actually just almost 7. Oh well I start breakfast and get woken up. Sam stops by, he is a very friendly and surprisingly the two bags play trailer tetris fairly well.

We sample some of the rowdiest whippets I have ever met. The owner says they have a 'Greeting Disorder' as they are so excited to see new people. I covet his large male who is 2 and still very terrier like.

We then plan to meet up with Becca and Ben (from Chaz). On the way we stop at Amishland to do some shopping. There is pretty much no Amish in Amishland, its all nick nacks, a buffet and a tanning salon (Amishland makes me think tanning..)

We meet up with Ben and Becca, Darien and Gavin become instant fast friends and we hit it off with Ben and Becca. We get invited to stay the night, sadly this doesn't work out well as their dogs, particularly Ophie is stressed about dogs in the house. Speaking of dogs Dekka was in a crate and Luke came charging up to her, Dekka snarked and snarled, Luke loved it, play bowing and barking back. YAY barking buddies!! It was so funny, he was enamored and she was furious. Luckily Luke is as sweet and handsome as he is derpy.

We get to touch all the collars, fondling and admiring lol. I even get to see some of the customers stuff before they do :) Hey Charlotte.. I touched your collar before you :p

We have one more kennel to sample, but there is no hurry. We are hitting a CPE trial on the weekend. Ben and Becca are great so we plan to stay in the area for a couple of days to kill time, but will stay at the local KOA so they can get some sleep.